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Friday, September 22, 2023


25th Western Canada Feedlot Management School

February 7-9, 2023
Saskatoon Inn & Conference Centre, 2002 Airport Dr, Saskatoon, SK


6:00pm Registration and Trade Show
7:00pm Welcome and Introductions
Kevin Antworth, Saskatchewan Cattle Feeders Association


7:05pm Engage and Motivate your Team!
This dynamic speaker will leave you with practical tools to adapt your thinking, improve your leadership skills, your approach to work, and your life with the goal of helping you and your team focus on the good!
Darci Lang



7:00am Registration and Breakfast
8:00am Opening Remarks and Introductions
Kevin Antworth, Saskatchewan Cattle Feeders Association


8:10am The Pros and Cons of Feeding Canola Meal
With potential processing facilities springing up in SK, canola meal could be in greater supply on the prairies. How might this byproduct fit into rations and what are the benefits and downfalls for cattle feeders to be aware of?
Dr. Greg Penner, University of Saskatchewan
8:55am Using Wheat in Feedlot Rations
Looking at high vs low protein and different varieties has given researchers some new insights into how best to utilize wheat in feedlot diets.
Dr. Gabriel Ribeiro, University of Saskatchewan
9:40am Refreshment and Networking Break


10:15am Market Update  
Cattle markets can be difficult to get a handle on. What are some of the tools you can use to help interpret markets and manage financial risk in this ever-changing industry.
Brian Perillat, Bullseye Nutrition
11:15am So You Want to Build a Bio-Digestor…
Rising energy costs, available feedstock and a desire to be innovative. Are these the ingredients that lead one Alberta feedlot to build a bio-digestor? Hear the experience of one operation in their journey to harness the power of manure.
Kendra Donnelly, Korova Feeders
12:00pm Lunch and Networking


1:00pm The Ongoing Battle with Histophilosis in Feedlot Cattle  
Learn about the occurrence and disease syndromes linked to histophilosis, as well as the difficulties diagnosing and treating this bug in the feedlot. Also hear about current vaccines and new research aimed at improving the effectiveness of vaccination.
Dr. Joyce Van Donkersgoed, Dr. Joyce Van Donkersgoed Inc
1:45pm Programming the Immune System
Are there methods to ensure a better immune response to respiratory vaccines? Hear from one researcher looking for ways to better equip animals to face viral challenges at the feedlot.
Dr. Nathan Erickson, Western College of Veterinary Medicine
2:30pm The Ever-Changing BRD Landscape
Bovine respiratory pathogens are tricky and antimicrobial resistance has caused these bugs to become even trickier. This researcher will discuss prevalence, antimicrobial resistance and changes that have occurred in the last 10 years around respiratory pathogens and practical approaches to dealing with these bugs.
Trevor Alexander, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada
3:15pm Refreshment and Networking Break


3:30pm Cattle Feeding in the Carbon Economy
Cattle were up-cycling long before this phrase was born. Learn about ways that producers can use this ability to their advantage in an increasingly carbon-concerned consumer atmosphere.
Kim Ominski, University of Manitoba
4:30pm Your Cattle Eat What?
Hear the experience of one innovative producer who incorporates by-products into their feedlot rations.
Ryan Kasko, Kasko Cattle
5:00pm Conclude Afternoon Session
6:00pm Beef – it’s what’s for dinner!!
But we are going to make you work for it! Graze around the room and co-mingle with your cohorts as you visit the chef stations - each of which will feature a deliciously prepared beef dish. There will also be some games and prizes awarded to clever participants - so get ready to eat well and have fun!



7:30am Breakfast


8:30am Virtual Tour - Namaka Farms
Bryan Thiessen, Outlook, SK
9:00am Open Floor for Question and Answer Session
9:45am Networking Break
10:15am Virtual Tour - P Cross Ranch
Garret Poletz, Biggar, SK
10:45am Open Floor for Question and Answer Session
11:30am Lunch
12:30pm Travel to LFCE for Hands on Demos
1:30pm Hands on Demonstrations/Presentations (at LFCE)

3 half hour sessions for participants to rotate through:

Nutrition Demo – How to Read Bunks and the Importance of Getting it Right!
Leader – Kristen Hunter, LFCE

Animal Health Demo – What do Fecal Samples Tell Us About Animal Health – Proper Sampling Techniques, Lab Analysis and What to Do With Results
Leader – Dr. Gabriel Ribeiro

Post Mortem – Guided by a Veterinarian - Learn How to Properly Conduct a PM and Identify Some of the Most Common Causes for Feedlot Mortalities
Leader – Dr. Nathan Erickson
3:30pm WCFMS Certificates and Wrap up
4:00pm Load Buses
5:15pm Return to Hotel
Conclude Workshop and Safe Travels Home!



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(306) 969-2666
PO Box 95, Ceylon, SK, Canada S0C 0T0