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20th Western Canada Feedlot Management School

Celebrating Cattle Feeder Success!

February 6-8, 2018

Joins us in Regina to mark the 20th edition of Western Canada Feedlot Management School! As ususal, you will experience expert speakers, suscessful cattle feeders and have the opportunity to network with industry professionals and other producers from the feeding sector. Wether you are part of a large feedyard or a smaller operation, you won't want to miss this unique learning opportunity!

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All New Videos!

All New Videos from the SCFA!

The SCFA is pleased to bring you 7 short YouTube videos. View them today to learn more about nutrtion, feeding, gathering data, animal handling, and animal health.

Animal Health and Handling: Managing Stress

Low Stress Animal Handling

Gathering Data and Using it At the Feedlot

Feed Processing Part 1: Dry Rolled Grain

Feed Processing Part 2: Tempered Grain

Feed Processing Part 3: Under Processing

Feed Mixing: Getting the Most from Your Equipment


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